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Boarding Up

Shop Front Boarding Services in London

At Commercial Glaziers London, we offer practical shop front boarding solutions for doors and windows that have been breached and left open, ensuring the safety and security of your business or home.

We are a reliable and affordable glazing company with decades of experience servicing private and public buildings in London. We have worked alongside top construction companies and brands to provide shop front boarding solutions that keep buildings and facilities in the local areas secure and running smoothly. Trust us to provide the finest shop front boarding services for your property.

Board up with commercial glaziers London

Sometimes, our building entrances: doors and windows are broken incidentally or mistakenly, creating fear and worry. But there's no need for such feeling anymore as our specialist boarding up service is available for both homes and businesses. A broken door or window isn't a thing of joy, which is why we work very fast to close them up temporarily before appropriate replacement is done. Do you have a broken windowpane or an entire building without useful entries? Our London commercial glaziers are trained to keep such properties safe by offering reliable boarding up in a manner that causes less disturbance to your activities.

We don't mince words when we say we are boarding experts. Our work speaks for itself. This is why you won't regret our kind of service. As a regulation-compliant glazing company, we are a registered member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). Under this body, all our works are completed to industry standards. Since we are a people's company, we will work with your budget to provide a boarding up solution that is quick and affordable. Our services cover many building breaches: broken doors, windows, shopfronts, etc.

Benefits of using our boarding up service

Your home and business are exposed to threats when the glazing is damaged. Based on this, making the space safe is very important. This can be done via emergency boarding up or by changing the glazing. During boarding up, we take out the entire glass that's been broken. Sometimes, the glass breaks when little children play and throw hard objects at windows or doors. Glass can also break from vandalism. Broken glasses are also caused by poor care and maintenance. But regardless of how the breakage comes about, we have the right fix for every problem.

Commercial Glaziers London are here to give you the best of boarding up solutions all day long, all year round. And you can comfortably pay for our services. Should your home or office have been compromised, or you are closing due to coronavirus, we can assist you to board up so that you don't have to worry about safety anymore. The materials we use for boarding up range from conventional wooden boards to window film. You don't have to go through stress anymore looking for a boarding-up service - we are here; just give us a call.

If it is a part of a window or a full building with broken glazing, we can board it up conveniently. With boarding up, it becomes easy to discourage criminals and other vices. We can use screws to hold the boarding in place if you wish, so they don't move. No matter how big the broken window is, we can board it up to prevent further loss risks. Even damaged doors can be boarded until a replacement is installed. We can even partner with your insurance provider to prepare the necessary paperwork should you deem it necessary especially to process your claim. You may find this useful in accessing needed assistance. If that is the case, we will do our best to expedite the process and have you satisfied.

Boarding up with security film

Where we don't use wooden boards to cover up spaces created by broken glass, we can use the security film as an alternative option. This material is capable of enhancing your property protection. It's a useful alternative to timber boards that makes property owners feel relaxed, knowing that no breach can get to their valuables. The beauty of security film is that its installation can be quickly done with less interruption to your activities, and it's a functional barrier.

You can buy this film in several forms, including the etched, one-way view or blackout. And these are a great option for security business premises. However, with each type of film comes better privacy when you are not using your property. It is glaring that there is a need for privacy for most businesses, especially in these times that we are in. So, we have designed our security films with ease of removal such that when it's time for replacement work, you can take them off your property.

Bespoke shopfront window protection

For professional boarding up, replacement of glazing or security filming of shopfronts glazing that have been broken, call Commercial Glaziers London. Our response to call-outs that we don't charge for is incredibly fast, and our job results are off the charts! We don't trivialise any project - we give all jobs the same level of expert workmanship.

Reaching out to us to book your boarding up is easy. Just call us on 020 34752263. You can also contact us in-office, via email or visit our website for booking. Any method of contact you choose will get the same rapid response attitude. All we care about is the safety of your property and valuables.

Let's board up for you

When we say we offer boarding up service, we mean it because we have the right team for the job. We are talking about specially trained professionals that provide a reliable service. Getting a competitive price for boarding up in London is not easy, but we have made it simple with our fast, affordable, and efficient service. Our team is available 24/7 throughout the year to respond to boarding up needs of both residential and commercial clients.

We operate from Monday to Friday for office visits; however, knowing how critical this service is, you can reach us via phone call or email 24-hours a day throughout the year. Once you contact us, we will respond immediately to know how we can help you. So, if you do need to board up that exposed property because the glazing is damaged, don't hesitate to contact us. We are your Commercial Glaziers London with a passion for satisfying all your boarding up needs. Nobody does it better than us; kindly contact our team.