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Replacement For Damaged Glass
Replacement For Damaged Glass

Replacement For Damaged Glass

That your glass window is broken doesn't mean you should replace the whole unit. Be it that your window frame is antique or there's a need to change a single pane in double glazing, we at Commercial Glaziers London got your back on the replacement for broken glazing. We ensure the new glass is a perfect fit and blends with other existing windows and believe that you'll spend less when you simply change the affected glass only rather than the whole window.

Fitting your new glass will be done as quickly as possible and will not interrupt your activities so much. We'll choose an aesthetically pleasing window replacement worked to industry standards so that your space is secured for a long time. Should you need to know more about our glazing replacement services, kindly contact our team for the finest workmanship in London.

Exceptional glazing fitting

Over the years, we have done excellently well in offering Londoners expert window installation at competitive rates under emergency and regular conditions. Our client base cuts across private and commercial building owners and/or managers, including notable malls, hotels and other hospitality businesses. Our team take every job seriously - working them to the best standard in the industry, be it a small or large project.

Every member of our glazing team is an outstanding expert in the art of fitting glazing with the right qualifications and certification, including CSCS, NVQs, just to mention but a few. Not only that, our glaziers are constantly being trained on the most recent technique for fitting and replacing the door or window glazing. Also in our company portfolio is the Safe Contractor accreditation. Doing glazing jobs with a passion for giving the highest quality service propelled us to gain the ConstructionLine approval and registered with FENSA and the all-important Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF). Commercial Glaziers London are DBS checked, and we will gladly identify ourselves upon arrival to replace your failing glazing.

Facing problems with glazing option?

Whatever might be the issue, we will help you out. You may get in touch with us for a free and no obligation quote

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Reliable emergency glass replacement services

You can get the assistance you need with a broken glass at any time of the day with our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency glazing replacement works. We don't like for your property to be exposed for too long, which is why we respond to emergency call outs as soon as possible. And yes, we come prepared and ready to switch up your glazing with our sophisticated glazing tools and equipment designed specifically for the job. Where the damaged glass was a special type like toughened glass or antibacterial glass and requires the same kind of replacement, our glaziers will board up your window first while collecting the special glazing and relevant materials to fix it. We keep our workspace clean and tidy after replacement or installation by clearing away and trashing pieces of glass and other off-cuts safely, so you or a member of your family don't get injured.

Replacement of glazing at Commercial Glaziers London doesn't only involve replacing glass; we also perform glass fitting in and outside a property. Our team can fit glass balustrades for beautifying and protecting your building. We also redesign office spaces by installing glass partitions that allow for sufficient lighting and privacy, as the case may be. What's more? We can replace your broken mirror without changing the frame; in fact, we are skilled at replacing a wide range of glazing products.

Specialist in difficult glazing

That glass replacement that is hard to perform is what we thrive at. Yes, we are adepts at very complex replacements like:

  • Emergency glass balustrade replacement
  • Replacement of glass at shop fronts
  • Fitting of double glazing that's too large and sophisticated
  • Replacement of fire-rated glazing

Providing a service that meets and even surpass your expectation is what we strive to achieve, and as such, we treat our customers specially. All our window glass replacements are done to put a smile on the face of our clients. As for keeping your new glass functional, we offer useful maintenance tips so you can have durable window or door glazing.

If you're having issues with a broken window, need an upgrade that meets current specifications or just want to renovate your glazing, you can call our reliable team and go take a nap. Whether residential or commercial glazing replacement, we are your glazing doctor!

Should you even require specialist glazing, one phone call is enough to tell us about your needs. We can send you a job quote that doesn't compel you to hire us. We want to show you that glazing can be great if only you bring in the right team like us.

Facing problems with glazing option?

Whatever might be the issue, we will help you out. You may get in touch with us for a free and no obligation quote

Book an Appointment 020 3475 2263

Glazing maintenance program with a difference

Installing, repairing or replacing glazing is great, but an important aspect is keeping these fixtures in good working condition for as long as possible. We offer all our clients our maintenance service for their glazing based on this. As usual, this covers homes, offices and other commercial properties. Sometimes, we offer window cleaning advice over the phone, but our maintenance team will come in to provide the service most of the time.

As you can see, we are a complete glazing company offering practical solutions to glazing needs from A to Z. What's stopping you from giving us a call today?

Contact us anytime for help with damaged glazing that requires replacement. Even if you want to renovate your home or office glazing during this holiday, contact us. It is our job - we breathe glazing everyday! You may also need an upgrade to your glazing so that it complies with regulations...give us a call for that as well. As a registered member of the governing body of glazing, we know just exactly how to transit your current glass door or window to one that's required by the law.

So, you tell us about your glazing replacement needs, and we'll get it done fast and clean!