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Fire Rated Glazing Services
Fire Rated Glazing Services

Fire Rated Glazing Services

A wide range of amazing fire rated glazing products at Commercial Glaziers London can add a final touch to your property protection. It is mandatory to install fireproof glass most of the time, and a fixture of this nature is a great choice. Should there be a fire outbreak, our fire rated products can safeguard those inside your property by holding out the fire for a long time. Just so you don't panic in the event of a fire, have your fire-rated glazing fitted now.

What is fireproof glazing?

These are special glazing that resists the start of smoke and fire in a property. Fire safety glass is designed with protective layers from one end of the material to another to discourage burning. Improved security is guaranteed for a building fitted with fireproof glazing.

When to comes to glazing products against fire, some terms are important. One of them is integrity. This glass property enables the glass to remain framed without disintegrating for long hours when a fire is on. The glass's integrity determines how much protection it will offer. Different glasses have varying levels of integrity identified by the integrity rating.

The next important term is fire insulation. This is another glass feature that doesn't allow it to conduct heat on the opposite side that is burning; it remains cool. A fire safety glass with higher insulation makes it easier to keep a property really safe and secured against fire problems. Just like the integrity rating, fireproof glass also has an insulation rating.

Do bear in mind that all anti-fire glazing comes with an integrity rating, but not all have an insulation rating. This is why you must watch closely anytime you want to get a fire-rated glass. Be sure your provider offers fire-rated glazing that has enhanced insulation and integrity.

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Following how much benefit comes with fire safety glazing, it is mandatory in certain conditions as stipulated by the Building Regulations in the UK. Another important aspect you must remember is that fire-rated glazing resembles the conventional glass; the only difference is that the former comes with a fire rating inscription. The glass may not be certified anti-fire where you don't find this. And it would fail to meet the UK's Building Regulation set up for the safety of homes and other buildings. But be rest assured that the glazing at Commercial Glaziers London is all fire-rated certified. Whether the door or window glazing, we offer one of the finest fireproof glazings for domestic and commercial buildings. This is why you should patronise us.

Expertly fitted fire safety windows

Our service is top-notch when it comes to fireproof glazing installation as we have the best hands in the industry. Our glaziers are specialists on every scale of installation with the same level of professionalism.

If you are not certain about the anti-fire feature of your window, look out for the official fire resistance glazing inscription. If you can't find it, the window is not the fireproof type. Waiting for a fire incident to confirm this is not a good idea. Would you like to upgrade your existing windows to be fire safe? Go ahead and give us a call, and we will help you achieve just that. Like we said earlier, we have a great array of anti-fire glazing products that will not only protect but look good on your building.

You can leave your installation project to our team. We will handle everything from supplying the fire resistance glass to fitting them expertly. We offer A-rated, quick repairs for anti-fire glazing if your glass gets breached. Our customer service is unparalleled as we treat both new and existing customers to the same level of friendly, bespoke, and solution-oriented service. If you need a quote for fire glazing, don't hesitate to give us a call. We fix and fit both small, medium to large-sized fire-rated glazing in London.

Our fire resistance glazing products

We offer a great range of fire-rated glazing, including:

  • Pyrodur fire glazing
  • Pyrodur Plus fire-resistant glass
  • Pyroshield Texture (gwc) fireproof glass
  • Pyroshield Clear (gwpp) fire resistance glass
  • Pyrostop fireproof glazing
  • Pyroguard fire-rated windows
  • Pyrobel fire-rated glass
  • Pyrobelite fire resistance glazing
  • Contraflam fireproof glass
  • Pyroswissfire-resistant glazing
  • Pyrosecfire rated glass
  • Pyrocet fire-resistant glazing
  • Pyrostemfire rated glass

The list is endless. But any brand you go for can be professionally installed or repaired if that is required. Don't know what type of fire safety glass will be perfect for your project? Just consult our team, and we will get you the right fire-resistant glass for office, home or hospitality use. But before we do this, we will find out your needs and work with you to deliver quality and functional glass that will make you happy.

Facing problems with glazing option?

Whatever might be the issue, we will help you out. You may get in touch with us for a free and no obligation quote

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Where the fire-rated glazing products mentioned here doesn't capture what you need, please let us know, and we will provide you with your requirement.

Safety glass for fire is relevant to every space where humans and valuables are prone to be. Like other emergencies, fire can be ignited from unsuspecting sources, so being proactive about fire safety is paramount. And one way to do this is to get a fireproof glass installed. It would do a lot of good in the long term.

Every member of our glazing team is proficient and smart. We work very fast and with precision to complete any project assigned to us. Please feel free to contact us if your fireproof glazing has been damaged or needs replacement. Our response to call-outs is incredible, so calling is the best decision for you if it's an emergency. Remember, we are your Commercial Glaziers London, and giving you the best glazing service is our priority.