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Window films

Window films

There is no need to emphasise the importance of windows in your home. However, the glazing of your house may not have been installed to perfection the way you would have wanted, and as a result, you are considering having them replaced. There is absolutely no need for all that because you can upgrade the glazing in your home using window films. With the addition of window films, the safety and security of your glazing can be improved, or you can have them elevated to a different level with solar films.

If you think of having window films added to your glazing, contact us at Commercial Glaziers London for help. You have the option of adding a window film to just one window, or you can have all the glass windows in your home revamped with window films. Whether you decide to apply one window film or more, we are here to help. We are part of London's best glaziers. The services we provide include the supply of high-quality window films of high quality like safety window films, one way window films, and solar films for homes, commercial areas, business areas, and even retail sectors. These can all be installed in no time at all with our efficient staff and friendly fitters. Our window films are designed to be easily attached to the already installed glass windows, and this means there is very little or no mess after fitting.

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Privacy window films

1 Reflective window film

This one-way window film makes the window look like a mirror from the outside when it is installed. It allows one to look outside without being seen. It is also known as the window mirror film, and it is the ideal choice for people who want to maintain a sense of privacy without seeming too private. It helps by protecting the inside of a house without totally shutting out the entire world.

2 Frosted window film

This film provides a frosted glass-like effect on windows. It provides an air of class together with privacy where it is needed. It is available in different styles and can also be referred to as etched window film. This window film is mostly used in offices because it still allows the flow of light while offering privacy.

3 Blackout

This type of window film offers complete or total privacy by blocking out light completely. It is an opaque window film that totally removes or eliminates any risk of privacy breach, making it perfect for areas like a darkroom. They can be provided to you in an array of solid colours or designs to match your company's style, preference, and branding.

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UV and Solar films

Ultraviolet light is something we all need to protect ourselves from, as it poses a threat and danger to our health in the form of skin cancer, skin defects and even eye problems. The UV and solar films are designed to offer levels of protection from the harmful UV rays and allow natural light to keep flowing into the house or property. There are two examples of these films, and they include

1 Solar window film

This type of film offers protection from the rays of the sun. It also protects the eyes by reducing about 95% glare reduction and also keeps people cool when indoors. It is best for use in children areas like the playground and bedrooms.

2 UV window film

The UV window film is essential because it removes or eliminates about 99.7% of harmful UV rays. It does not block out the sunshine; instead, it simply filters out the harmful rays that we do not need. This is a good investment because it protects everyone where it is used, including the furniture. When used well, they can help save items that are light sensitive, like carpets or stocks on display.

Safety window film

This is the window film that makes sure the glass pieces remain together in the case of damage. It is very helpful because it protects areas that may be at risk. If you want to improve the level of safety and security in your property without making huge investments in glazing, they are your best bet as they will improve the security of your glazing. They are very helpful, as they protect people around in the event of breakage by holding shards together and preventing them from being thrown around. As a bonus, they come with a warranty and can be installed by our fitters in no time at all. Some examples include

1 Bomb blast window film

The bomb blast film is an exceptional film that offers impact resistance by absorbing energy directed from impacts and shockwaves. It is very important for an explosion because it protects people around from the shards and falling pieces. When used, they ensure that the glass pieces adhere to the glass pane and prevent it from falling or causing injury.

2 Security window film

This is the perfect choice for those who want to increase a property's security level. Usually, the glass window is the weakest link and an easy entry point for intruders. With the addition of security window film, the glazing becomes stronger, making it a tougher barrier that would require a lot more effort to breakthrough. It is perfect for people who want high-security assurance without getting toughened glazing on their property.

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Window manifestations

At Commercial Glaziers London, we know that accidents are not planned and can happen at any moment. This is why we help our clients to conform to safety regulations by supplying and fitting quality window manifestations. These window manifestations are designed to prevent accidents by bringing people's attention to them and preventing them from walking through the glass. They do this with the help of the decorative feature that makes them easy to see. They are instrumental in areas where people may not see the glazing, like entrance doors, shower enclosures and shopfronts.

Have a window film fitted to your property glazing today for various purposes. Contact us at Commercial Glaziers London for supply and fitting by calling us on 020 3475 2263 for inspection, survey, and our quote.