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All You Need To Know About Commercial Glazing

All You Need To Know About Commercial Glazing
21 Jan 2022

A majority of the population of the UK consider double glazing and commercial glazing same! It’s a myth and the time is here that you should debunk it. If you own a commercial property like factory or office then know more on it prior to install them. Both of these are different along the use of materials and techniques too.

By going through this blog you can come to know the benefits and features of commercial glazing. Hope, then you can take the right decision for your property. Let’s read on then...  

How commercial glazing installation takes place?

No doubt commercial buildings are massive in size and special equipment becomes imperative to carry on commercial window repair and glazing. Mostly, the installation takes place on-site. But you have to be very careful and smart regarding the choice of materials and glass.

Make sure that they meet UK safety and health regulations. Being the owner you must go with any reliable and reputed company for the task. Moreover, it is your onus to assure the safety and health of occupants.

Important things for commercial glazing installation

As high heat amount generates in the commercial properties installation of glazing will regulate the transmission of solar energy. Even commercial glazing remains limit for the absorptions of solar energy while residential double glazing absorbs it completely.

It possesses great ability to withstand against extreme weather. You must choose the windows having strong frame of aluminium due to its lightweight and flexibility. As a result it prevents penetration of water and withstand against changes in temperatures.                              

Some typical commercial glazing applications

Some usual uses of commercial glazing are here:

  • Skylights
  • Door Closures
  • Curtain glass
  • Entrance doors
  • Mirrors
  • Custom glass
  • Furniture
  • Security glass
  • Storefront glass

Regular perks of commercial glazing

  • Commercial glazing enables allowance of more natural light in the workstation
  • Due to the aesthetic appearance, it encourages the shopping of windows more to make the property looks elegant and classy.
  • Commercial glazing comes with insulation properties and hence business owners can save handful of money lowering the energy consumption.

Now, you have become well versed with the commercial glazing! It’s the time for you to give them a try for your property. We at Commercial Glaziers London are always there to provide you with our valuable service and assistance whenever you need!