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Reasons Why You Need To Install High-Performance Glass On Commercial Buildings

Reasons Why You Need To Install High-Performance Glass On Commercial Buildings
12 May 2022

Today, you will find glass in almost every house and property. That is evidence of the fact that they have become trendy. After the popularity of innovative glass technologies, the demand for glass in residential homes and commercial properties has increased significantly. Sadly, many people think that the benefit or only use of glazing in properties is for the visual appeal it offers. Fortunately, that is not the case, as beautification is not the only benefit of high-performance glass. There are several other benefits it provides when installed. Get across to us today if you want to have these high-performance glass installed on your property or if you want to have a high-level glass replacement on your property.

Benefits associated with the installation of high-performance glass on commercial properties

As stated earlier, the benefits of having high-performance glass on your property are numerous. Below are a couple of benefits associated with high-performance glass on commercial properties.

Improvement of thermal insulation

There is an extra layer of insulation provided by commercial glazing. This is a result of the air gap between the glass panes. The air traps the heat inside and can even reflect the sun's heat when it is too hot so that the property's interior is cool. This mostly happens when the weather is hot or during summer periods. If you choose low E-glass for the panes, then you can experience these benefits and more. If you want to find out more about the thermal insulation benefits of glazing, contact us or send us an email.

Energy saving

One of the most popular and efficient benefits of commercial glazing is energy efficiency. The type of glass used for commercial glazing is mostly low E-glass, and it can either be double glazed or triple glazed. Either way, it has a low emissivity coating that traps heat and prevents it from escaping. It also reduces the rate at which heat is transferred. Compared to other building materials that can be used, it is very efficient in conserving energy.

Less condensation

When you have high-performance glass installed on your property, the chances of condensation reduce significantly. Condensation occurs when a cold surface comes in contact with moist air. Suppose condensation is ignored over a long period. In that case, it can damage the frames of windows and affect other parts of the building, ultimately leading to mildew or mould formation. Get energy-efficient glasses installed on your properties and prevent the ultimate formation of mould and mildew.

Reduction of utility bills

When high-performance, low E-glass is installed in commercial establishments like restaurants or offices, they keep the temperature inside ideal. This means that the rate of using artificial cooling and heating appliances will be reduced during summer and winter, respectively. Ultimately, it also means that the bills for the energy appliances will be reduced. The environment also benefits from this through the reduction of carbon footprint.

With some of the benefits of high-performance glasses explained above, you should not hesitate to get a high-performance glass installed on your property. Contact Commercial Glaziers London for more information. You can get in touch with us through calls or by sending us an email to book an appointment.